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We are glad you have chosen to visit us here at Quality Molds, Inc. or simply QMI. We have been providing for the solid surface/cultured marble industry for 17 years now and proud to continue providing to you, top Quality products with the Best Service and a low Price in the industry.  Our secret: Location, Location, Location.

Here in the heart of Florida, we have great temperatures and very low overhead to provide to the rest of the country a product, that didn’t require us to keep in a temperature controlled manufacturing facility.   Instead, we could buy top quality materials to insure in the long run and short, headache free, OEM equipment for your company to employe.

H.K. Research is our proud provider of Gel coat, which we call Aluminum MetalMold.  A Top Quality Aluminum Vinyl Ester gel coat that beats out the competitions gel coats.  Accompanied with a resin that has a secret property that allows it to maintain it’s shape, even when forced, will always spring back to it’s original form.  And of course top quality fiberglass, that is always hand laid.  This is the recipe for our extremely long lasting bowls.

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